Woodward House


Woodward House, a handsome saltbox built in 1740 on the northwest corner of the Bethlehem Green, has undergone two years of remodeling and has now been converted into a restaurant, by Adele Johnson and her family.

The historic building was once the towns post office, a court house, underground railroad stop, as well as a multiple family dwelling.  It was most know in the mid 1700’s as The Bird Tavern.  Upstairs the 12 foot barrel ceiling has been maintained above the Ball Room, where guests danced the night away.

Today’s restaurant encompasses four unique dining rooms adorned with artwork by renowned contemporary artists.  Generously sized tables are complemented by chairs that are custom -made with comfort foremast in mind.  Subtle lighting sets inviting ambience for any occasion.  The dining rooms can accommodate up to 50 guests at any one time.

If you are coming to dinner from out of town and are seeking lodging try The Cornucopia at Oldfield, 10 minutes away from the restaurant.  The Cornucopia has a charming New England setting, Innkeepers Ed and Christine Edelston will make your stay memorable.

Website: www.cornucopiabnb.com


try Wits End Farm right here in Bethlehem.


Adele with  Coco, Barley and Peaches